Monday, August 22, 2011

Dendang Perantau

 Time flies and the past 2 months were really a long longggg time for me here at Jubail, away from my wife and kids. But sometimes, it is good for you to sort of isolate yourself to ponder  and to look at yourself in the mirror. Rasullullah SAW himself had also isolated himself from the menace of Arabic Jahilliyah to be closer to Allah.

There is also a saying that says " Absence makes heart grows fonder" . Skarang nih dah terlebih fonder pulak to my wife n kids.  :)  Can't wait to see them.

As the above picture of my boy indicates , there is just one more working day before daddy return to Malaysia...  InsyaAllah, this year we plan to go for Penang side, since the past 3 years we celebrated the 1st day of raya in Klang.

As anticipated, I am currently holding a record against myself about my weight . It's down from 101.6kg to 92.6kg in 2 months.  That 's is my 5 year all time record low ! Strict diet, no rice and combined with exercises in between. Alhamdulillah, it is actually boils down to a simple equation as follows:

Output Calories > 1/2 Daily required Input Calories

2008- Raya kat Melbourne
2009- Twins Arrived, raya kat klang
2010 - Raya kat Saudi sorang2......hahhah

Packing barang - OK
Buy Stuffs and souvenirs - OK
Clean Saudi house - OK
Keta- OK
Butang Baju Melayu -OK
Duit Raya - OK
Work- Lantak lah, sampai bila tak abih punya ...huhuhuh

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  1. Lawak la part 'work' tu. Tapi betul la..hrp boss2 baca ni.