Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The RIghtstart Math - Hope it's Right for Us!

Earlier I have been looking for a mathematics kit that we could use at home. This is more to prepare Lana with some mathematics foundation and basic at this stage. I believe that good maths foundation can lead you to better grasp and understanding in mathematics in the future. 

I found this Rightstart Maths Kits when i googled about math kits for homeschool. There are couples of maths kits available suh as rightstart, saxon math, singapore math and etc. But what has made me chosed this rightstart is because of its montessori approach incorporated with the math teaching.

I bought the kit for their website and have it couriered from States to our place thru ARAMEX. When we first received the package, I was quite overwhelmed with the set. The instruction books looks endless to me, as if take ages to finish before i can start with Lana. Lana keep on begging me to teach her each and everyday as she was so excited with this new thing. At last i decided not to finish the manual, instead covering the lesson manual that i want to cover for a particular day....

So far, we enjoy the our daily maths session as Lana still begging for the session every morning. So I make a schedule that we starts off our day with hafazan for one hour than only will continue with the maths session next. I hope that this math kits suits ourselves well : )

The newly arrived kits...

Lana in actions ...

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