Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Day has arrived......

hmmm.... few weeks before i delivered the twins, i was prescribed with mc by my gynae for almost 2 weeks plus... huhuh. syok pon ade, tak sabar nak bersalin pon ade. Yela... perutku sangatla membulatnye and actually nak baring pon tak selesa, nak duduk pon cam tak boleh, nak berdiri pon takley lame2... pendek kate semua pon tak kena. Night time was worse, punyela susah nak tido. Mata asyik check jam kat astro box je kejanye, tgk dah bape jam dapat tido. Selalunye paling lama pon 1 hour plus la... was this kind of training for looking after the twins later on? Hopefully not insya allah.

Duduk kat rumah time siang terasa sangatla panas.... kejanye minum ais memanjang.. huhuh... nanti pantang takley minum dah. So enjoy la ice puas2. Started all this symptom when i reached 30 weeks of pregnancy. Gynae advised to have a good rest, jgn gerak byk2 sangat to avoid delivery before 34 weeks. Lagi bagus kalo bley tahan sampai 36 weeks, in which the babies already fully developed by that time. Tapinye, minggu2 terakhir tuh sempat gak ronda2 kat ikea@curve sane carik barang2 baby last minute. Sepanjang jalan2, ade je mata2 yg cam seriau tgk my tummy yg mcm nak meletup nih. Siap ade yg terus direct tanye... 'Dah nak bersalin ke dik??' whatever la....

Anyway, it was early thursday morning, 2nd July 09 around 4am I started to feel this kind of period pain punye sakit. tapi takde ape2 sign lagi pon. So we text our gynae, which is also our neighbour to ask for his advice. Then, he asked us to proceed to the hospital. Im still on my 33rd week of pregnancy. We went there after subuh prayers. Sampai2, doc check, die kate dah bukak 3cm and ready for c-sect pukul 8am... Huhuhu... it was my first time entering OT and kena bius2 nih. Time tu tawakkal je la... hopefully dipermudahkan.

to be continued....

Monday, July 27, 2009

My first entry

Well... now on my 26th day of my confinement period - halfway thru though. tak sabarla nak habiskan pantang nih. first thing on mylist is to jalan2 di shopping mall. Tertekan gak tgk iklan2 di paper on this megasale thingy. By the time i would finish my confinement, ada lagi almost 2 weeks before the end of sale season.

Ok... both my fraternal twins - Erfan Rayyan and Eryna Sophia are doing fine rite now. Sleeping in the cot huhuhu. Being premature babies, they tend to sleep for most of the time. Nak feed pon kena kejutkan.... but now they know how to ask for milk themselves more frequent. Usually they will buat bunyi sket2 and mata terkebil2. Kalo mommy lambat sangat response, especially in the middle of the night one of them which is normally erfan will give a very high pitch music note utk kejutkan mommy and daddy. Well done son.

As for my elder daughter, Elana Jasmine, she has been a very good and cooperative big sis since the twins were born. Boleh diharap. Kalo adik nangis, she will pat and sing twinkle2 little star to calm them down. When time for diaper change, she will help to get all the required basket, barut etc for the babies. Tapi kdg3 tuh buat manja ngan daddy nak attention... but still acceptable.
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