Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Day has Arrived - Part2

Ruper2nye kejap je doctor2 nih buat keja. Within half and hour dah selamat keluarkan both of the babies. I was vomitting a bit before the procedure was carried out, maybe effect of the medicine that they asked me to take before entering the OT. Mr husband siap lengkap berpakaian macam doctor jugak ade kat sebelah bagi support and sempat borak2 ngan gynae and the other doc-tukang bius which are both our neighbours.

Rayyan was safely born at 8:25am weighing 2kg and Sophia was at 8:27am weighing 2.4kg. Adik lagi besar dari abang... hehehe.

Twin 1 - Erfan Rayyan

Twin 2 - Eryna Sophia

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