Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Twin Pregnancy

When I found out that I am carrying twin, I was in total surprise. Firstly, doctor did not detect twin pregnancy in my first checkup. It only being discovered in my second check-up. Furthermore, I was alone during the check up as hubby was unable to accompany me due to some work reason :( I was speechless and had this flying in the sky feeling.... not sure whether this is for real or not. I called hubby right away after the check up to let him know. However... the line was not that clear and he did not managed to get the right message.

He only knew the story once he got back from work. I was still in surprise mode and I asked hubby to bring me to different gynae just to confirm on the twin thing. I decided not to tell anyone yet until I am convince enough that i am carrying twin. So we went to another gynae. I decided not to mentioned to him that i was suspected carrying twin. Just want to check whether the doctor able to discover himself. He did the check up, found one heartbeat and then he said everything was ok and said it was done. Hmm... ok... then only i told him that i was suspected carrying twins, he was surprised and carried further check. There you are, then only he found out that there is another heartbeat. So now I can consider it confirmed!

It was totally different experience carrying twins as to compare when I pregnant Lana earlier. Everything was big and i mean really big. People will look at my tummy everytime i walked out especially during my six and seven months.

Luckily I managed to have some photoshoot taken during the pregnancy time remind me how is it look like when i was carrying the twin. The photoshoot was taken outdoor, not a good choice though as I barely can walk that time and the weather is quite hot resulting us not in quite a good mood especially for Elana. Anyway, these pictures were taken in shah alam lake by cikimiki team.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dressing the pillows...

So.. akhirnya bersarung jugakla bantal kesayangan my hubby and kids. These pillows have been bare for about 4 months since we bought it at IKEA. Time tuh tanak beli sarung.. kedekut punya pasal.... :) sempat berpeta jugak la bantal2 nih sebelum disarungkan.

I googled the web on simple pillow cover tutorial and finally found one that comes with simple and clear instruction. It took me quite sometime before getting the rhythm as i'm a bit 'berkarat' as my sewing machine has been hibernating in the box since i arrived here in saudi.

I am lucky to have a ver understanding hubby who decided to take out the kids to the market just to give me my own time sewing without having any disturbance :) Luckily I managed to finish sewing just before they came back home just to surprise them especially the kids. And now I can feel great sewing again ....

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Funtime with the BUBBLES

The kids had a wonderful time helping daddy washing the car yesterday. Twins were extra excited playing with the bubbles until they both were fully drenched all over. Kaklong, being the 'Efficient Helper" did a wonderful job to wipe clean the car.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Great WeeKend....

Last weekend was a bit different. Since we moved here to Saudi, every Thursday will be a day out of town.... normally we will spend our day somewhere dhahran or khobar or dammam, exploring and wander around all the big malls available there.

But we decided just to stay at home this time. During thursday, we spent our time in the house. Did some spring cleaning, cooked 'Sup ekor' for dinner. As for the breakfast we had pulut and sambal tumis and ikan masin. Yum Yum....

Friday was a great day as well. We went to the park after asar prayer. Initially we thought of something to be bbq'ed. However, didn't managed to get the tools before asar. FYI, most of the shops here in jubail are closed until 4pm on friday.... thus it is like a dead city to me. We then went to a newly opened broasted chicken restaurant and bought a family meal there to be brought over to the park.

The park is only less than 5 minutes away from our house - i mean driving :). We even can walk there. The time we arrived, there were a lot of groups or families spreading their mat and having good time. People here really like to spend their time at park doing some cooking on the park. Some even bring together their cooking stove and cook at the park with big pots :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Time to mix around

Finally after about four months here, i am off to "kelas mingguan agama" which is held at one of malaysian house here in Jubail. Topics to be covered will be extracted from the forty hadith.

Apart from that, hope that i can make new friends here... Insya allah.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My kids

Hi everyone!!!

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