Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We LOVE it! Cheesecake

and the name was given by hubby. This is actually Nigella's London Cheesecake. The taste is really good and I can say that this is the best cheesecake recipe I've ever tried. Ok, not that I have tried dozens of recipe.. but this is simply delicious and not too difficult for beginner.

You can get the recipe from this link >

Bon Apetit!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

MORTCO Compound, Jubail Saudi Arabia

This was the place when we first arrived Jubail. Hubby requested company housing before the rest of the family moved there. Ibn-Zahr have several housing companies that located in the royal commission (RC) areas and in the Jubail town areas. We were hoping to get one in the RC however there were all full house at that time. Instead, we were given one nearby jubail town.

This compound is located nearby several other big compounds that consisted mostly the westerners namely Golden Sand compound, Jude Village and Bajrai Garden. Our compound residents are mainly from India. I did met one South African Lady, however she is going back for good in a few weeks time when I met her.

Facilities available in the compound are gym room, tennis court, playground, hall and if im not mistaken a swimming pool (i dont have a chance to visit the pool when we were there!) When we were there weather was pretty cold and we didnt walk around that much. However ladies can walk around in the compound without wearing abaya and can even drive within the small area :)

The house is pretty small, simple rectangular shape. And you can clearly hear your neighbour's TV if it is on high volume :( Water tap supply can be salty sometime. Road entering to the compound area pretty dodgy to me and heavily guarded. You will see sort of small army tanker and men with machine gun all time guarding the area. And we are not allowed to take pictures. I guess this must be typical in the westerner compound area in saudi.

We only stayed there for about 2 months before moving to the RC sometime in Jan 2011.

Our house door

View from our unit

Big satellite dishes

My kids going to Mia's house

The Living Hall

The kitchen

Monday, May 2, 2011

Torta Alla Gianduia...

Or can also be called as ‘Nutella Cake’. When I first saw the recipe from my Nigella’s Book, I can’t resist the temptation to try out this recipe. Mainly because of the look of the cake plus the ingredients itself. Yes, I am a big fan of Nutella Spread and Hazelnut.

It turned out ok, but a bit sweet. Maybe the sweetness of the cake cake be reduced with better selection of dark chocolate I guess.  And the hazelnut was a bit overtoasted.  Should try again next time.

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