Sunday, October 31, 2010

3 Days and Counting

Well, time really flies here. Insyallah, 3 more days to go for me to go back home to see my wife and kids n family .. can't wait and can't really focus in the office now...hahhaha...

After all the hassle with the courier service provider and long wait, Alhamdulillah we managed to buy a new set of "toy" for our twins. It is called the "Sit and Stroll" as shown in the picture below. Cool car seat that can be converted into stroller in seconds! Thanks to my wife for coming out with this idea of buying this for our twins. It would have been much expensive if we had purchased this item from the US, coz you can't get this item in Malaysia.

The best thing about this car seat is that it can be used in Airplane and it has the certification from FAA. Insyallah, hopefully those plushy cushion will make our journey with the kids more enjoyable and less stressful.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Observation- Oct 27th 2010

- Poor housekeeping after work by the Pakistani contract workers... Imagine plastic wrappings and sealing straps are all over the places along the pavement. They simply don't know how to pick up those stuffs and get rid of it. What a clear attitude problem. Kalo macam nih keje kat Esso, dah lama kena kick out from the refinery by the refinery manager... hahha

- Temperature is getting lower and it gets foggy in the morning, extremely dangerous to drive. But these Pak Arabs still drive bloody fast and crazy.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Cars or Cars....!

Waaahhh.... Was bloody busy studying daily for my upcoming API exam in December . No time to update this blog.. hahha...Everyday must study at least for 2-3 hours...

Anyway, I went out with my friends to pick up their newly purchased cars ,
Lexus ES 350 for just SAR93k - Harga kat malaysia RM430k
Honda Civic for SAR 33k .- Harga kat malaysia RM 120k

Crazy cheap huh? That's how much our government tax is all about. My car ? relax laa dulu... hahaha.... Here are the candidates...
-Honda Odyssey 3.5 V6
-GMC Acadia 3.5 V6
-Chevrolet Traverse 3.5 V6
-Chevrolet Tahoe 5.7L V8

I will wait for my wife to be here to test drive and survey... huhuuh.. Can't wait to have a car actually, since we have been blessed with a saudi license last week. We just converted it from Malaysian Licence, no need to go thru all the hassle of taking the lessons and driving school test!

That was a major milestone for taufik and rahman. owning a car is very important here, especially if you plan to bring family along.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hari Raya Open House in Jubail

KRMJ has organized a nice hari raya celebration for all Malaysian expats here in Jubail + Khobar. A lot of people turned up for the event. Macam2 makanan malaysia ada... For once, I can see that we are celebrating Hari Raya in malaysia. Suasana meriah aa gak...A lot of children running around, isteri2 pulak semuanya bergaya dgn baju kurung/ kebarung... tak der nak pakai arbaya hitam dah... Wish that my wife and kids were there too..

Apa lagi.... I really took this opportunity to blasah rendang, satay , kuih raya, laksa , laksam, spagetthi, nasik dalca, etc2...

Met quite a lot of new guys/friends there... Problem is I cannot remember all of their names.
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