Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saya geram bila.....

Last night i was trying to persuade lana to take her dinner. Initially i asked her to take dinner own her own, she refused. Then i tried to suap her as i need to feed her before getting her to take her coughing medication. I persuaded her again, she refused and continue playing with her toys. Then, my temper started to grow i know, i told her that i will count to 10 and if she continue not eating i will have her stand in a corner until she take her dinner.

The counting continues until 10 and she still refused to eat. As promised i get her to thr corner. To my surprised she suddenly screamed and cried out of her lung. What a drama. I tried to be firm saying to her if she continue that she will be there more than 5 minutes. And yes she continue.

What made me angrier was that her bibik went to pujuk her when i was trying to put her in the corner. Lagi la naik lemak. I asked bibik to let her alone and dont try to pujuk her. But this bibik is somehow tak paham bahasa la plak. Dipujuknya lagi. Geramnye la.....

Yes i know she loves lana so much. But i really cannot stand it when outsider masuk campur when this thing happen. Sort of giving lana lesson that takpe, kalo mama marah, bibik ada... Geram geram... ada hikmah jugak kot saya bermaidless sekarang. Tak sabar plak nak balik jubail balik where i have more freedom and control to look after my own kids.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am surprised!

Yesterday as usual, Lana and I went to her Flykidz class in Kota Damansara. During the class, i would prefer to stay through out just to watch her. I Love watching her trying to listen to the instruction, watching her trying her new routine, watching her smile whenever she manages to complete new routine. I am so grateful to Allah for giving me the opportunity to watch my kids grow, Alhamdulillah.

Lana normally is quite shy and quite whenever she is around crowd or outsiders. She rarely said "Hi" or "Hello" to friends or teachers. I have been always reminding her to greet people politely, but she will usually refuse to do so :(

However, yesterday was a bit different. I mean totally different. First, she went into the class and said "Hi" to the teachers and even said "Thank You teacher" after her class completed. I was more than happy to see this.

What more surprised me is that I saw she raised her hand eagerly quite a number of times during the class. And she's the only one raising her hands all the time. Initially I was a bit confused why she was doing that as i never saw her that way all this while. After the class ended, i asked her what happened during the class and why she raised her hand a number of times. Then she told me, "Teacher asked who want to start first...." oh ok.... :)

I am more than happy to see this changes. I was a bit worry with her shy and reserved attitude initially. I have been telling her that being shy is not good for her. Well i guess, kids will grow their self-confidence through time. Just a matter of early or a bit later. What more important that to give them the RIGHT opportunity and confidence to themselves. They will surely will impress you :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marhaba Dubai!

Happy 6th Anniversary in Dubai !

Finally, I have some free time to write and document one really amazing episode of our life here in the middle east. In May 2011, we have decided to give our 6th anniversary a bit more spice and have something different.

Being a such a wonderful Wifey and a mother to my kids, I just felt that she really deserves something special this time. This is not like a really husband n wife getaway for another honeymoon. Infact, we brought the kids along to also have a vacation. It was actually anniversary + family vacation in one nice package.
So, we set off to Dubai for 4 days 3 nights, although I know it will be not enough to cover the whole Dubai places of interest. We initially thought to also cover Abu Dhabi, but later on decided to just enjoy and focus our attention to Dubai solely. Approximately 2 weeks before the trip, we were so anxious and super excited, especially Wifey and my princess Elana.

The time finally came and off we go from Jubail, Saudi Arabia with our 3.5L Honda Odyssey, loaded with stuffs at 4am !!

I can sense that these camels were also heading towards Dubai Mall :)

Alhamdulillah, all went well and we crossed the border to UAE after about 5 hours from Jubail. Immediately after crossing the border, my wife got behind the wheels and test drive this car for the first time since November last year. Heheheheh.... She looked cool even though this is a left hand drive system. Bravo !

Now we have somebody to drive us around! Pasnih buleh aaa drive kat US eh?

Erfan singing and cheering up our journey with his endless talkative voice :)

This is Syeikh Zayed this road , 7 lanes on each side with fantastic view left and right

Sophie yang excited, waiting for daddy to check in Number One Suites Hotel, which was very close to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Luckily we got the end lot room with magnificent view.

Some of the buildings along Syeikh Zayed Road

Dah puas berendam dalam bathtub, now it's show time !

There it is... Burj Khalifa is sooo tall to the extent that I could not fit it in my camera vertically. This reminds us about akhirul zaman... Dunia mmg dah nak kiamat dah, seperti pesan Rasulullah SAW.

Charge balik energy with fresh juice after round2 Dubai with MRT . Lana and the twins really enjoyed the MRT ride!

Too bad we were very tired and went on to the Dubai Mall , which is the largest mall on planet earth, comprising Aquarium, External Dubai Fountain with the tallest vertical dancing jet spray with music, thousands of shops and eateries, and many many more. It was really an impressive one to me. No wonder people call Dubai the shopping heaven. If you have 50000 to spend, I am sure that would still not be enough and can easily be finished sucessfully here. Mommy finally found her main interest, Louis Vuitton, Channel and belambak2 lagih gallery . We just tour the mall just for a while because everybody were exhausted due to the long journey. We decided to come back later on for the Dubai Fountain the next day.

Checked in Atlantis Palm Dubai, an integrated resort with aquarium and amazing water parks and really nice beaches. Too bad we only stayed here for a night ! This resort is located at Palm Jumeirah man made island with the shape of palm tree. 

Lana yang dah tak sabar nak main air... Mula mula macam takut , but later on she was excited. Bear in mind that the temperature was 44C at that time. :)
The kids amazed with the Altantis Aquarium fisheries. Erfan was initially scared with the giant fishes and sting rays . Finally he managed to cope with it.. Good boy !

Pancittttttt ...... after a really good splashing time at the water park. Too bad daddy had only figured out the real Ziggurat, the Fountain of Leap Faith thrill rides on the next day... Nih yang kena pergi sana balik one more time nih... :)

The Red Jelly Fish... The twins were really amazed looking at how these creatures move around in the water.

Happy Family checking out from Atlantis Palm , heading to Media Rotana Hotel in Dubai next

Daddy and the kids were waiting for the queue to climb up the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. Sophie and Lana were very excited. It has been Lana's favourite to talk about high towers like KLCC, KL tower and other tall structure since she was a little one... That's the reason behind the excitement, I guess.

Wifey and the twins at the top of the world

We then spent the next day touring Dubai Outlet Mall, which is located slightly outside the town. Nevertheless, the deal was soooo great. Wifey grabbed so many things for her new warddrobe and we all got a pair of shoes each.

Well, the time has come for us to go back to Saudi.....Well, I must say that our heart are still there in Dubai, eventhough we had to continue our day to day life in Jubail. I even thought of living in Dubai or Abu Dhabi next, but that would be extremely expensive and too much inclined towards Duniawi :)

In summary, Alhamdulillah this trip was a really wonderful anniversary + vacation for us and before we even reach Saudi, we already had some plan for our next visit later this year , InsyaAllah :) Of course, this time I am sure Wifey will grab that Loius Vuitton that she had been aiming for ! 

Playground Equation

Observation & Derivation

Kids - Playground = Cranky

Playground- Kids = Empty

Kids + Playground = Happy

Integrate (Happy Kids)  = Parents Happy

Parents Happy = Tummy Happy

Tummy Happy = Sleeping  Comfy !

Sophie's  joyous facial expression while  enjoying the helix slide at Fanateer Park with Erfan

A Bedtime Talk

That night, I was trying to put Lana to sleep. The twins  already doozed off peacefully earlier. As usual Lana will ask either daddy or mummy to hug her or at least hold her hand before she can go to sleep (this kaklong is still manja). I asked Lana to recite dua' before goes to sleep, selawat nabi and some self talk to herself. I will remind her to be good khalifah, Love Allah and Rasullullah and to solat and read quran everyday.

After that, she suddenly hold her 2 fists together and said,

Mummy, this is my brain size. It is very small. Daddy's brain is bigger. How can i make my brain bigger?

Your brain will grow with time. Lana, what is more important is you need to use your brain wisely. You need to learn and learn so that you become clever and then you can teach other people so that more people also can be clever like you!

I need to teach other people? Can i hold your hand when i teach other people?

Lana, you need to learn not to be shy. One day, maybe I need to see Allah and I will die (I was almost crying when i say this and the words somehow hard to come out) Then you cannot hold to my hand anymore. But I know you will be strong. (Actually I'm not sure how out of the sudden I gave this answer to her)

Suddenly, she started to cry and said that she loves me very much. I know it is hard.... to tell your little ones that one day we will die and the one leaves behind needs to go on. I pray to Allah that if it happens that I shall go first, my kids will be strong to continue their life.. ameen

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Flykidz Gymnastic

Early this month I enrolled Lana to a gymnastic class somewhere in Kota Damansara.  Unlike her first response towards swimming class, she insisted me to bring her to Flykidz everyday and for 'one hundred day'! (this is her fav term). Given the fact that this place is quite far away from Klang, I only register her once a week session which is every Thursday at 230pm for one hour. I love the colorful setting of the place and the size of the class. There will only around 5 kids per session with 2 trainers. Thus, they can focus on your kids well.

I first found out about this centre when I googled about gymnastic classes for children back then when I was still in Saudi Arabia. This centre has 2 branches in Malaysia, one is in Mont Kiara and one in Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara. Their classes divided into 4 terms in a year which started every Jan, April, July and Oct. Luckily when i register Lana for the class they are about to begin the new term, thus she has the opportunity to learn right from the beginning.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Swim Like A Shark!

Having the opportunity to be in Malaysia during this summer holiday, I have planned ahead some must-do-activities that hope will occupy our stay here. One of it is to get Lana started with her swimming class. She's already five years old now and i guess it will be just right to send her off now. Yes I know that you can actually start to introduce swimming basic to kids a lot more younger as in when they are still babies - but I dont know why, somehow i miss this part :)

I started my research on swimming class availables nearby my hometown when i still in Saudi. There are couple availables however the one look promising from the website perspective is the one i'm enrolling her now. I have enrolled her to supersharkz class in pandamaran MPK swimming complex (this place has a very disgusting changing room which i dont think they even bother to maintain. Im wondering whether this MPK agency really doing they work or not) Luckily Lana is still small and we never need to get into the changing room after her class is over.

So far Lana is progressing well with the class. She now enjoys get herself under water and make bubbles a.k.a breath-out and float herself slowly. However she's still not confident enough to do the jump-into-water routine yet as I can see she looks like crying when she need to do that. And another thing she's a bit reluctant everytime she needs to start lesson with the trainer. Some sort of stranger-phobia crisis is still there. But if she arrives the pool early and the trainer is not around, she would be the happiest kid on the block!

Friday, July 8, 2011


Alhamdulillah.... our laptop is back. Yes, I was internetless for a couple of days ago due to 'Major' virus attack, I presume. I was blog-hopping at that time when suddenly i got this Win 7 Security 2011 message on my screen and of course I was horrified! First, because my dear husband not around. Secondly, that was my first encounter with virus attack all this while.

Initially i thought i would never get our laptop back to normal. I rushed to nearby computer centre and got myself a pack of kaspersky (being instructed remotely by En Husband). Tried to load the program and too bad it didnt work at all. The virus blocked any connection to the internet too! Despite of this emergency situation (I somehow cannot live without the laptop, as we use this for video conference with daddy who is now is Saudi), I can see some hint of rainbow somewhere- maybe it's time to get new MacBook hik hik... :)

Anyway, due to En Husband didn't send the same brainwave on the Macbook thing :(, i brought the laptop to one computer service centre nearby. Luckily they managed to bring back the laptop to its normal state and now it is back to service.. Alhamdulillah.

Morals of the story, please ensure your pc or notebook is equipped with a 'paid' anti-virus if your on windows. I guess this doesnt apply to Mac User.

Friday, July 1, 2011

It's Our Twins 2nd Birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday Twins!!

Mummy and the Twins at Playground in Fanateer, Saudi

Today, 2nd July 2011 marks the 2nd birthday of our adorable miracle twins , Erfan Rayyan and Eryna Sophia.  Both are magnificent gifts from Allah to Mummy and Daddy and Lana.   I have never ever thought of having a set of twins as my children but there it is, time really flies and there are already 2 years old... Alhamdulillah..

This past one year  has really seen a dramatic changes in our life episode, including the twins.  Despite being twins, they are really two different kids with different characteristics..

My boy, Erfan Rayyan, which is my  first boy in our family (tak tau lah kalo dapat lagih sorang boy ker  tidak.... hahahha...  ) is really really manja with his mummy and daddy.  He has a beautiful set of cute and romantic  eyes that is really sweet , according to Kak Ita, a friend of mummy here..  I must admit that my relationship with Erfan has strengthens million times since we moved here to Saudi. Alhamdulillah...,kalo kat mesia dulu, dia asyik nak berkeit dgn bibik saja dia...langsung tak nak ngan daddy... I guess because daddy pon very very busy and tak serious sgt nak jaga dia sebab ader bibik kat rumah.... Well, itulah hikmahnya yang daddy realised... It is totally different when mummy stays at home compared when mummy works.... Syukur, Erfan or Boboy or  Pumpkin is a healthy and joyful kid with a big loud voice yang tak reti  dok diam.  He is the "sound system" of our family.... Bila daddy bawak kereta naik bump or pusing kat selekoh tajam, he will produce the sound effect  "woooooaaaahhh", following the turning....  Lagu nasyid Maher Zain + Raihan pon dah humming2  everytime we go out in the car. Skarang dah pandai sambung hafal surah Al kauthar and baca doa tido and selawat ke atas Rasulullah...Oh ya, he loves French Fries  and Trucks and Cars!

My little princess, Eryna Sophia is another joy to our life. She likes to draw and conteng2 like her elder sister Elana. Habis sofa and carpet di belasahnyer... hehe... She has a very powerful energetic voice when she cries (tapi pitch lower than Erfan's) .  Sangat2 lah suka mandi and main air and main bubble... Tak kisah kalo baju dia basah ker ape ker... , which is totally different behaviour from daddy... heheh.. 
She has a very cute round belly like her daddy and likes to eat intitially.... Tapi skarang dah kurang makan dah.... Sophie or "bam-bam" or honeybun  is a playful girl but with a very very serious face. A lot of people say that she follows daddy's characteristics...But once she smiles, cairrr daddy and mummy.. Unlike Erfan,  Sophie tak tahan kalo dia pooo - pooo. She wants her diapers to be cleaned immediately, pembersih like her daddy kot.. Sophie likes to play with  toys while talking  to herself... just like Elana. I guess her imagination capability is very high like Elana's. She likes SHOES..! like her mummy of course... :) ..Tapi Sophie suka mengelamunnn ....Ape yang Sophie pikir ntah... :)

Well, what can I say... I am here in Saudi this year and cannot be there with my wife and kids to celebrate their 2nd birthday. Of course, thanks to my wife + Atuk + Nenek for organizing a small family celebration for the birthday one week before daddy took off to Saudi. Really appreciate it even though the birthday cake  from "Lavender Bakery" did not meet the expectation.  Insyallah, next year let's have  ice cream cake pulak .
Elana and her Twins reading books, wearing Crowns that Mummy Made Exclusively

Time really flies and there are sooooo many things happened. The twins presence really adds sooo much joy to everyone of us in the family, especially to Elana Jasmine... She has adik two adiks to play at the same time ..! Isn't that wonderful ?  One of the key things is having Erfan to scream "Daddy" everytime daddy gets back to work.  Daddy enjoys showering the twins everyday during the evening session and not to forget  Playing horseride with daddy... Went to the playground with mummy and daddy,  Atuk + Nenek's visit to Saudi.... Cooking together with Mummy.... Went to Umrah + Ziarah together with my wife and kids ...Went to Dubai for our nice sweet and sweaty summer vacation ,  Going out to Shopping at Dhahran Mall/ Khobar almost every month and many2 more. 
The Twins Thinking About the Future , at the World's Tallest Building, Burj Khalifa Dubai.

My dearest Twins, Insyaallah, when you grow up later on and when u can read this post, (I don't know whether this website will still exist or not) , Daddy wants both of you to know that Daddy & Mummy loves you guys sooo much! Both of you are the miracles  and pure blessings from Allah to the life of  Daddy & Mummy.  Both of you must be good to Mummy and must grow to become good Khalifah Allah in this world, Insyallah. Both of you must really thank and love your Mummy for being the best mother in the world, who endured every single pain and hardships to nurture you both to be the best Khalifah dalam dunia nih yang sementara . Jasa and segala pergorbanan Mummy takkan dapat terbalas. Hormatilah ibu dan ayah kamu sentiasa.  Daddy pray that always hope that both of you will know the meaning and purpose of life and become excellent Khalifah, like what Rasulullah taught us. Daddy doakan moga kamu berdua berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat , InsyaAllah.

Happy 2nd Birthday Boboy + Bambam !! 

From Daddy with Loads of Love.
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