Thursday, September 30, 2010

To watch or not to watch TV ?

Another challenging Week..

I have just installed the HD Satellite TV channel sometime this week. Cost is more expensive than our ASTRO HD in malaysia. Lantak lah... janji we have some sort of entertainment here, especially for my wife and kids .. All their favourite channels are there. Picture quality is very good, especially for the HD channels. What is lacking now is just the LED TV!! Citer bess2 plak...

Mau angkat ka itu LED TV haaa ? 32" Sony LED is just 3000 SAR.... hmmm, cheaper than in malaysia. Itu nanti2lah, kalo dapat pindah rumah to royal commision, maybe I will buy it, definitely not now man...

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Training Arab Engineers

This week has marked the starting point where my work load + responsibility has increased dramatically .... Alahaiiii... baruu saja seminggu balik raya ... mood raya pon blum hilang lagih... wife and kids pon still on my minds all the time.... I was given another 3 engineers to train and help my work doing the RBI stuffs. Insyallah, we will have to meet the target by the end of this year. Need to speed up the productivity. One thing I have noticed about these pak arabs are that diaorang nih mmg lambat pick up sket and suke curik tulang. Anyway, I enjoyed transferring my knowledge to them. Best gak kalo jadik expert trainer and be in the training/consultant business nih... One of them said, " why are you working here? you should be a professor ! " hahaha.....

Bored to death with the current TV channels at this temporary house. Terus aku pergi angkut OSN network of 76 english channels, for my wife's and kids entertainment when they are here. The cable guy is installing the dish right now while I am writing this blog. Will update on this real soon..

Lucky Din !! of my housemate here has got one really nice 3 bedroom flat at royal commision area. We surveryed a total of 8 houses , satu2 reject until the last one.... Save the best for the last eh ? Nice area, near a hospital , park and mosque, groceries... This is called a flat but in reality, this looks like a very big apartment/condo in terms of space and build quality ... I really hope that Allah will transfer us to royal commission house asap, insyallah. Targetting in November/december timeframe.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Back to KSA !!

Fuyyyyooo.... It has been a while since the last time I updated this blog.... What can I say, hari raya vacation/balik kg was a superb one , although it was a really short one week. Time really flies when you are fully occupied with schedules, open house, visiting family and relatives. Thank god we managed to escape from all this raya routine for 1-2 days to spend some time together as a family.

Really excited when I got back to my home sweet home in Seremban 2 . Feels like I am back into my nest again. Don't want to even go out. Can't imagine how I am I going to rent out the house to somebody else when all of us are here in KSA in November. Certainly ,there were many sweet and hardship memories of me and my wife, putting all pieces together to purchase, renovate and stay there in that wonderful home. Will never forget all that memories. Buying , planning, surveying, renovating, searching and decorating your home is a very very wonderful experience.

Believe it or not, I am still having the jet lag after a week here.

Talking out house, my housemate and I are moving out to company family compound housing here this week. This is a temporary housing before we Have just finished transferring all of our stuffs from one place to another... Byk gak barang2 kami....! Gile aaa... ingatkan orang bujang tak banyak barang... hahhaa...

Will share some of our new temporary housing stories soon...! Need to catch some sleep now, esok nak jalan2 pi IKEA and pi survey kereta kat Al Khobar..

Thursday, September 2, 2010

D' Menu For Hari Raya Vacation !!!

Finally, with 6 days and counting , these are the malaysian favourite foods that I really wanna hentam abis abisan this raya in Malaysia. I am sick of eating Arabic foods!!

I have allocated 3 kg maximum allowable weight gain in this celebration week... hahahha.... Workout nanti cover balik kat arab nih....... Puasa 6 hari Syawal tak dapek nak buat kot minggu nih, buat kat Arab saja nanti insyallah...

Here it is..

- Dodol pulau indah
- Kuih Kasui Mama
-Ketupat pulut 3 segi
-Rendang Ayam
-Rendang Daging
- Kuah Kacang
- Mee Kuah Mak
- Dalca mak
- Ikan terubuk goreng panas-panas
- Char Kuey Teaw Penang
- Nasik Kapitan Penang
-Nasik Kandar Penang
-Bihun Singapore Mak
- Nasik Lemak
- Nasik Tomato
- Ayam Percik
- Biskut Mazola
-Biskut Almond London
- Biskut Samperit Kuning
-Biskut Samperit Coklat yang square ( penang panggil kuih lidah buaya)
- Brownies Mak Ngah Shah Alam
- Biskut Makmur
- Kuih Batang Buruk
- Kuih Putu Kacang
- Lontong Klang
- Mc Donald's sundae ice cream with Lana n Mummy!

Wah wah wahhhh..... The all great Malaysian Foods...!
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