Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last 10 Days

Alhamdulillah, we have reached the last 10 days of Ramadan...

Fransly speaking, I really don't have any mood to work this week as there is only 8 days left to balik kampung to see my wife n kids!

Barang2 tak beli lagih, ader yang still kurang like kurma and all those stuffs. Air zamzam nak kena top up 1 more bottle, i think..

In the office, there is a bunch of work coming, but these Pak arabs are bloody lazy fellas..Ramadan does not means that you have to work unproductively. Have to finish off all my assignments before wed 8th's departure.

Berdesup hati dengar lagu raya kat sinih... hahahah... mmg layan abih beb..Especially lagu anuar n elina + lagu m nasir + lagu sudirman + lagu P Ramlee

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Best Iftar Ever in KSA , yet.


Today's buka puasa was the best ever since we were here in KSA. We were invited by generous mr Muslisham, our Ibn Zahr's colleague to join the event...

Mula2 macam malas nak gih, sebab ader bende nak kena disettlekan... But then , managed to squeeze some time to go there with my housemates...

Walla weyyy... the food was great... a few families were there, with kids running around the house, feels like in malaysia... Met a couple of new guys from other sabic affliates...

ayam percik, ikan bakar, cucur udang cicah kuah kacang, agar2 , samosa, mee kari, roti jala , kari ikan, udang besar sambal, kambing rempah, cheese cake, cocktail juice, etc2.... perghhh... mmg masyuk... This is keje2 kaum muslimah yang anjurkan bende2 nih... potluck based... I can hear those mum dok bersembang bukan main....At least they can socialize among malaysians here and make friends...good...tak der aa asyik kena duduk rumah 24/7.

Tarawikh was at Fanateer Ibn Tamiya popular mosque, pak imam baca ayat2 pendek, dua tiga ayat jer terus rukuk... cabaran sket for me since my tummy was packed with nice foods and drinks.. Finished the prayers 30 mins earlier than our normal time in our mosque...

Since dah abis awal, mula laa pikir bukan2... We went to KIA , Nissan and Hyundai show rooms.... Surveyed a few potential cars but tiada yang berkenan di hati... Still, Honda Odyssey 2011/2010 model is the best value. No wonder it swept the best MPV award every year ...!

I have to dream driving a new honda odyssey 2011 model tonite.. manalah tau... kot2 jadik kenyataan.... aminn... hahahaha...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A True Mother's Touch

Today, I am very very surprised to see that my wife can actually sew !! Nice work sweetie...

This is a really nice cute pants for my boy Rayyan...

This is the telekung made for our eldest princess , elana ... Can't wait to see lana put on this telekung to pray...

I gues my mother in law was right.. My wife really has what it takes to sew. She is the only one in her family that inherits the sewing skills from her grandma. The rest are not into sewing...huhuuh
The best part of this is that, I don't have to search for a nice pair of Dockers pants anymore. It can be made with love from my own wife... What can be better than wearing a pants specially made by someone you love?
So, what's next in the production line.... school bag for lana ? baju kebarung with laces ? tudung arianni? huhuuhh..

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Fast Week

We are entering the 2nd week of ramadan, which means 2 weeks to go before balik kampung to see my wife n kids n families..!!

This week will be another super fast week, due to ramadan short working hours, 6 hours a day work and hectic schedule at the office.

Things that are on my mind now are:
-Settle thing bank account stuff... I was trying to open a bank account with a Bank, it was so bloody troublesome trying to open a simple savings account with them. I went 3 times to the bank for 3 hours session each and my bank account is not ready yet. I haven't got any ATM card, no online banking, nothing!! Piece of crap service. Sometimes I wonder how efficient Maybank in Malaysia is...

-Correct my son's birth cert translation in Arabic
- Submit for Family visa application this week
- Finalize what car to buy

Glad that I can talk to my wife after 3 days... Felt like we were sooo far away and miss her so much. It's amazing when we are trying to plan what to do this Raya vacation of just one week... Need to have a proper schedule to maximize my time at Malaysia...That is covering Raya at Klang, raya at Penang, visiting relatives, going back to my home sweet home in seremban, open houses, and not to forget, family vacation ... All in one week ..!! I think I just want to sleep for 3 hours a day ... hahaha.. We'll see about that... :P

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadan at KSA

Ramadan Mubarak

Alhamdulillah, syukur kerana dipanjangkan umur utk menjalani ibadah dalam bulan ramadan. The first two days of fasting here in OK...although we have to fast 16 hours in the peak weather of summer, where temperature is always above 43C + higher humidity. It is like walking next to an Air fin Cooler heat exchanger. Insyallah, Allah will make it easy for us.

Things that I miss the most in Ramadan in Malaysia are:
- Sahur with my wife . She will wake up earlier to prepare the food for me...Now that we had been using a maid for the past 3 years or so, things gets easier for her.
-Sahur with my family , when I was not married yet, mom used to cook ikan terubuk besar goreng panas2 belasah dgn nasik masa sahur... Mmg nanti berebut dgn bro ajit nak amik ikan cepat2...hahaha
-Sahur at my parent in law's ... Food is always hot and fresh. Mama always cook daging masak kicap and ikan tenggiri goreng panas2.... Wallamak...mmg mashuk !
- Breaksfast together with my wife at my home
- Breakfast ramai2 at Pulau Indah ... The food was like super good sampai makan tak abih2..
- Breakfast ramai2 kat Penang with my family.. Miss those mee , bihun and kuetiaw masakan mak
- Of course, tarawikh at our malaysian mosque where u can hear the pak bilal punya selawat ramai2... Kat sinih tak dak selawat2 semua... terus saja solat..

Smoga Ramadan kali ini dapat membersihkan hati anda mudah-mudahan amal ibadah kita diterima Insyallah...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Iqama is Ready Finally!

It has been a while since the last time I updated this blog. Schedule is getting hectic as more workload are coming thru. My boss is out for a nice 2 weeks vacation in London. Met him this morning and he told all the nice things about his vacation in london, all those places that I have walked thru with my wife, about 8 years back... Mmg bess kalo dapat gih sana balik to reminisce those sweet romantic memories zaman2 bercintan-cintan... hahahha

Alhamdulillah, after about 1.5 months waiting, I finally got my iqama, which means that I am not a foreign slave anymore. I am a resident of Saudi arabia... Somehow, as anticipated, they have mis-spelled my name, forgetting to include the "bin".

Things to do next with the Iqama in hand
1- Open a bank account with Riyad Bank
2- Process family visa >>> Stucked with my son's birth cert... Thinkplus salah translatekan nama....budak laki dia kata budak pompuan...siap jantina= pompuan lagih... sabar jer laa dgn thinkplus nih...
3- Book a family house with the company
4- Survey keta ape nak dibeli
5- Apply for reentry visa for balik raya nih...
6- Convert license to Arab licence
7- COunting days to go back to see my wife n kids...!

An Iqama is just a small green book, like buku hutang 555 tuh... with your picture and details inside in arabic... I had to get one of my arabian friends to translate it for me...

The holy month of ramadan is approaching... Grateful and can't wait... Insyallah, may Allah bless us all in this barkah month...We have to work only for 6 hours a day.... Isnt that amazing..? Starts at 10am and ends at 4pm everyday.... I think all companies in malaysia shud do the same...

Time for bed...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ziarah to Madinah Al Munawwarah

Alhamdulillah, with His Merciful blessings, I was allowed to join KRMJ's Ziarah trip to Madinah. We set on the journey on Wednesday, july 28th, at 5.30pm. My housemates and I were so excited to go to the fact that we have packed our stuffs a day earlier.

Since the journey will take around 15hrs (plus breaks and prayers), and we are having this Ziarah on a weekend, the KRMJ organizer has decided to depart from Jubail at 5.30pm that evening. A total of 2 express bus, filled with 100% Malaysian expats in Jubail joined the trip.

Tgh rileks berenti solat subuh jap at one of the petrol station a.k.a R&R ...Dah sakit bontot2 and kebas bontot2 kami semua, sebab duduk kerusi lama sangat... Tapi takper, ramai2 seronok and suasana budak2 n anak2 ahli KRMJ memeriahkan lagi... But trust me, PLUS punya R&R kat Malaysia is 100 times better... Pengalaman di negara orang... terima jer la... :)

A journey of 15 hours landed us at Masjid Al Qiblatain, dekat outskirt of madinah.

This is Masjid AL Qiblatain, masjid dimana pada mulanya Allah Swt memerintahkan agar menghadap ke Masjidil Aqsa di Palestin, tetapi atas Doa Rasulullah, Allah memindahkan kiblat kearah Kaabah, di Masjidil Haram...Subhanallah...

Subhanallah, ramai gak orang kat masjid Qiblatain nih...Tak lah besar sangat masjid nih, tapi penuh dengan berkah... You can feel it once u enter it.

Pandangan disekitar luar Masjid Qiblatain....I was almost lost here, but alhamdullillah, found my way back to the bus...Kalo tidak, dah kena tinggal aper...

We then head on to one of the historical site of Islam. Bukit Uhud.... This is where perang Uhud berlaku... Alhamdullillah, diber peluang utk menziarahi kubur2 para2 shuyada termasuk Hamzah Saifullah a.k.a Pedang Allah.

Dapat peluang untuk naik ke bukit Rumah dimana Rasullullah menempatkan pasukan pemanah di atas bukit utk menyekat kemaraan musyrikin. The prophet was a genius with this strategy.

Then, we head on to Masjid Quba' , masjid yang mana Rasulullah selalu datang sinih once a week to pray. Banyak fadilatnya seolat di masjid nih.. 2 rakaat solat sunat bersamaan dengan pahala Umrah...Mudah mudahan diterima amal ibadat semua muslimin/muslimat yang solat di sinih...

Alhamdulillah, at last, Allah Taala makbulkan doa utk menatap Masjis Nabawi yang tersergam indah, besar dan penuh dengan Nur. Dalam masjid nih ada Makam Rasullullah, Abu Bakar and Umar Al Khattab....Subhanallah...

Perut sudah berkeroncong, dah pukul 5pm, carik makan bersama Ameng and Sufian Saudi Kayan. Kat sinih cakap Melayu saja, kebanyakan peniaga arab, indon , bangla, india , afghan, pakistan semua tahu cakap Melayu..So, senang aa nak beli makan/barang2.

Kawasan Ar-Raudah, tempat makam Rasulullah. Sesak nak pergi ke tempat nih sebab ramai betul orang. Alhamdulillah, dapat jugak ucapkan salam to Rasullullah... Syukur..Mudah mudahan Allah makbulkan doa2 org Islam di situh..

Keadaan Masjid Nabawi pada waktu malam... Payung besar dah diretract/tutup...Open space at the outside area..

Alhamdulillah, kalo dapat datang bawak wife n kids sinih, lagih meaningful.. Insyallah, next time when they are here.
Waktu lepas Asar, payung masih terbuka sebab still hot.

One of the scenery of the desert along the highway...By the way, highway tak der toll sinih...Speed trap pon tak practise sgt...Ader lah satu road block dia buat kat area Riyadh tuh...Lain tempat org pederaih jer... KRMJ seniors said that kalo naik keta, it will take around 12 hours , in which 1o hrs are for driving and 2 hours for prayers and breaks...Kire OK aa tuh, compared to expensive flight of 700SAR per person.
Alhamdulillah, this trip was really a good n meaningful one. Perasaan rindu to Masjid Nabawi/Madinah masih ada and no wonder Pak Arabs visit here. Insyallah, mudah-mudahan Allah makbulkan hajat utk bawak wife n kids and parents semua datang sinih...Aminn..
Insyallah, trip to Umrah -masjidil haram in this upcoming 3rd week of Ramadan... Hopefully Allah selects me as one of the guest...Aminn..

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