Sunday, September 6, 2009

Double Duty

Huhuhu... it has been almost one month since I last updated my blog. Life pretty hectic and a bit tiring after confinement ended eventhough I have not officially started going to office yet. I can't really imagine how it gonna be once I enter the office after this raya. Hopefully semuanye dipermudahkan la... amin....

Twins rayyan and sophia are doing fine rite now. They are catching up in terms of their growth, weighing 4.4kg each during the 2 months check up last saturday. It was different experience carrying two babies into the doctor room for the routine jab. Terasa nak jek beli stroller twin tuh skrg gaks... hhehehe.. anyone has any recommendation which twin stroller is a good one?? kelam kabut gak la bile dua2 melalak... terasa semua mata2 kat hospital tuh tertumpu pada satu titik fokus... that is US... fuh

Now, all of us are lepaking at their atuk's house kat Pulau Indah for another one month as our maid balik kampung beraya this year. We will definitely miss our Acacia Home very much. Baru ingat tahun nih nak hias2 rumah gantung lampu kelip2, cacak pelita keliling rumah, nampaknye postpone next year la insya allah. Last year pon tak dapek beraya kat rumah as Daddy spend the whole raya month in Melbourne.
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