Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our recent Umrah trip

It was a long weekend due to Saudi National day and we took this opportunity to perform umrah. The last time we went there was early this year together with my parents. We booked our hotel 2 weeks in advance and everybody was very excited counting days especially Lana. Daddy on the other hand has to countdown for his API exam day :P

Daddy sat for his API exam that wednesday whole day in AlKhobar. Once done, he drove back to Jubail and after maghrib we went to a friends house for raya open house invitation. Around 9 we were back at  home and daddy went for some sleep before we started off our long journey that is more than 1000 km at 12am.

Alhamdulillah, the journey was smooth and easy with all the kids sleeping peacefully until around 830 in the morning.....

This is when they woke up and have some stretching in the car 

We stopped couple of times to refuel our gas. Luckily the gas is only 45halala a liter

  R&R in Saudi

The total journey took us around 16hours including 2 hours stop at miqat for shower, lunch and perform niat. We drove straight from Jubail and only stopped for gas and toilet. I packed nasi lemak and sausages from home. We had our breakfast and change the kids diapers on the move.

We parked our car here (Masbahgin) and there were lots of car at that time. Alhamdulillah we managed to get one. And then we get a cab to the hotel.

Checking in the hotel. This time around we stayed in Al Safwah Royale Orchid that is right infront King Fahd Gate

Kids exploring the room

This is very convenient as i have a lot of baby bottles that need to be washed and drained...

Before going to the masjid

Having breakfast at the hotel the next morning

After performing our Tawaf Wida'. It was pretty hot during and less crowd that time. 

Checking-Out from the hotel.

Looking forward our next umra trip again end of this year Insya-Allah.....


  1. Jealousnya...doakan turn kami to come soon ye.

  2. Your children are so cute and i pray that may ALLAH accept your Umrah and you will get again the chance of getting cheap umrah packages to perform Umrah again and again with your lovely family.


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