Friday, October 8, 2010

Hari Raya Open House in Jubail

KRMJ has organized a nice hari raya celebration for all Malaysian expats here in Jubail + Khobar. A lot of people turned up for the event. Macam2 makanan malaysia ada... For once, I can see that we are celebrating Hari Raya in malaysia. Suasana meriah aa gak...A lot of children running around, isteri2 pulak semuanya bergaya dgn baju kurung/ kebarung... tak der nak pakai arbaya hitam dah... Wish that my wife and kids were there too..

Apa lagi.... I really took this opportunity to blasah rendang, satay , kuih raya, laksa , laksam, spagetthi, nasik dalca, etc2...

Met quite a lot of new guys/friends there... Problem is I cannot remember all of their names.

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