Monday, November 29, 2010

Playtime @ Saudi Playground

Went out to compound playground with baby Mia, our new neighbour. Thanks to ummi Mia for inviting us for the walk. Kalo tak, mmg kami duduk memerap dalam rumah je la mommy nih :P timing tido masing2 semua lain2 and I cant imagine myself handling the 3 kids alone outside the house.

Pukul 3 tuh mesti ada one of the kids having their nap. Fortunately yesterday, erfan and sophie tak tido siang. Just need to wake lana from her nap. The kids were very excited being out of house during daytime. Usually we will get out from house after isya' prayer. As now we are in saudi cold season, the day time is short. Maghrib prayer is around 440pm and isya will be around 620pm

Playtime at the playground here in saudi is equivalent to playtime with the sand huhhu.... next time bawak sand castle bucket pon syok gak. Balik rumah, for sure kasut penuh dengan pasir.

Erfan, Sophia n Mia

Sophia termenung jauh...

Lana n Erfan trying to build sand castle

Erfan familiarizing himself with the sand

Back @ home >> Sophia n Erfan berebut Mommy :)

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  1. hahah!
    nice one! :)
    finally, update gak blog nih ye.. hehe..
    njoy yourself there! :)


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