Sunday, December 5, 2010

Changes: Adapting to one

Wah, mencabar jugak menjaga anak2 di rumah.... i am just 2 weeks full time mother and now i am down with cough and slight fever. Ya Allah, kuatkan semangat hamba-mu ini.... Actually whole house are down with fever, cough and flu, weather changes i guess. This time mommy cannot manja2 sakit amik MC hahaha.. u sakit u still have to continue the routine, plus no more bibik around this time to help. huhuhuh.

Frankly i am enjoying what i am doing rite now, just being a bit flat - kena boost up energy level nih. Exercise dah lama tinggal sudah... kena start back exercise then only can be more energetic and motivated.... "ok encik husband, hopefully adala apa2 alat exercise yg menarik kat rumah ye mengenangkan saya tak bley keluar rumah sendirik di sini"... :)

Saya rasa sungguh puas skrg as all my kids will be around me most of the time and they will get to me anytime they wanted... tapi agak penat la gak sebab si kecik twin masih belum pandai bertoleransi antara satu sama lain.. jealousy level among them quite high.... pening jugak la nak handle and satisfy everyone. Paling kesian Princess Lana keseorangan sebab mommy tak sempat layan :(

Now, with a nice oven in the kitchen, i enjoy cooking delicious and healthy food for the family. I am now feeding hubby and kids really well and not to forget feeding my ownself well. Oh no... the last one is not good... not good. I just bought a weighing scale recently just to watch out my weight. My mom keep on encouraging me to eat more and more as i have been too skinny since having the twin huhuh...

Some of the accomplishment so far....

My own version of Nasi Arab with roasted chicken and "Mac N meatball"

Homemade Meatball

Roasted Chicken

Baked Mac n Cheese

Mixed Pasta

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  1. huiyoooo..

    giler dah jadi masterchef! hehe.. bestnya.. how I wish I could be a housewife too.. haha (skrang ckp mcm ni sebab tension..)


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