Monday, April 25, 2011

Homemade Books

When I decided to be a fulltime mother, there are too manay things in my head that i wanted to do. Bunyinye macam lagi sibuk dari keja engineer jerk :). One of the thing that i wanted to do most is to be the best teacher to my kids. But it really needs patient and consistency I know.

One of my key goal (do I sound too technical?) is to read a lot to my kids and instill good reading habit towards them. My eldest daughter is now turn 5 this year, I hope that she will be able to read on her own before she goes to school. She is now staying at home and I plan to send her school starting next school semester which should be starting in september this year. And if she pass the assessment, she will go to Primary 1. Cepat jer dah darjah satu kat sini.

As part of Lana's reading program, I make some homemade books for her. Reason is to make her reading activity more interesting as some of the books is personally about people and things around her. Besides that, it is quite difficult to find good books around here in Jubail, Saudi Arabia. I did brought box of books and reading materials weight around 50kg from Malaysia when we came here to Jubail. I like to go this website to find some reading materials that is suitable for her and then will get them printed.

Alhamdulillah she is now progressing well in her reading skills.

Some collection of her homemade books


  1. Shik.. Cuba try to buy iPad.. Lots of reading material n apps yg very educational.. So x yah print out some of the material.. Hehe

  2. hahaha ima.. ko mmg pandai baca fikiranku ini.... aku baru semalam mencadangkan ipad kat firdaus semalam.... :) tak tau la approve ke idak hehe.. ko bagi hadiah bley gak. aku kan dah tak keja skrg

  3. Haha..aku pun mintak dari husband aku.. Hehe.. Tp mmg very useful, skrang ni Ilham dah hafal semua apps kt dlm tu.. Dah jd hak milik kekal dia.. Huhu

  4. oklah tuh, ko angkat ipad2 utk ko plak. yg tuh kkasik ilham jerk


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