Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My First Cupcakes

Today i tried to do my first ever cupcakes. I decided to get Jamie's recipe from one of his book. I have quite a bad experience trying out recipe from some other recipe book. I am not sure whether is was totally my fault or the recipe book's fault that make my earlier cake not edible at all :(

To my surprise.... it turns out wonderful... Alhamdulillah. It is so light and soo delicioius. However, i don't really like the recommended icing recipe so i modified it by adding some cream cheese making it more thicker. I know I still can improve in term of the presentation later...


  1. Very impressive! Aku mmg trust jamie' recepi je all this while coz he will never hide any secret ingredient.. Hehe

  2. emmachan> tuh lah, lepas nih nak try brownie die laks
    rafaliah> jemputlah makan, sila sila hehe

  3. Shik.. Tiba2 aku terinspired nak buat cupcake.. Aku Ada beli dulu satu set tools for until now elok lagi dlm kotak..hehe.. Hari ni baru aku keluarkan..

  4. ima.. bagusle tuh... kasik ilham makan cupcake tuh ye. mesti dia happy nye


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