Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Surviving Mode : Cook to Live

The weather this week is really nice, temperature is around 45C , dry and lots of strong and nice wind blows.. U don't feel the heat....With a clear blue sky + flowers around the facility, this reminds me of the good old Minnesota summer...

The orientation week was kinda informative, although it is very very monotonous and full of quick micro seconds nap... Take this, arab guys took 3 days to go thru a orientation thing which can easily be covered by Esso PD in 1 day.... That's how luxury the time was... :)

We were hungry like buffalos on the run and it was my turn to cook today with my housemate from Kuantan, which hates to cook and doesn't know how does a cili padi looks like...hehehehe.. That's normal for guys...) .. I promised him that he will be a great cook in 3-4 months and when he returns to Malaysia, Insyallah , his emotional tanks will always be full since his wife will be surprised and will love him even more... I am starting to see improvement and he is picking up real fast....

I felt great since I can help someone to improve , while resharpen my cooking skills... Insyallah, when my wife n kids are here, there will be cooking spree in a nice big kitchen!! Of course, with an oven for my wife insyallah... :)

Trading day for tomorrow and the day after... No trip to Dammam or Al Khobar please!!!

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