Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Miracle Twins !!

Alhamdulillah, today ( July 2nd 2010) is our miracle twins' 1st ever birthday.... Praise be to Allah for blessing me with this magnificent twins to add even more love, passion and happiness in my marriage life with my wonderful, super wife.

Daddy is so sorry for not being able to be there to celebrate your 1st birthday ever... I wish I can hug both my sophie "bam bam" and my rayyan "pumpkin" right now ....Daddy prays so that both of you will be a great son and daugther in the future, with success in Dunia and Akhirat...

Anyway, it is amazing how time really flies....A year has passed us by....I have got to get myself a new nikon D90 kit soon, to not miss all the sweet and great moments of my wife n kids...

Sophie and Rayyan with daddy and mummy at Cik Ani's house

The ladies behind all these happiness ... Super wife

These are their face expression when the twins are sleepy and boring

Celebrated Kak Long's 4th Birthday at Atuk's house....Just like Kak Long, Sophie and Rayyan also love balloons very much...

Sophie posing with a cute girly smile

Yiiiihaaaa... Rayyan's hobby is flying/swimming on the ground since 6-7 mths old.

In Penang, Auntie Fizah's engagement

Play Time!!!!! Great to have someone to play with huh?

Still flying, even at 9-10 mths old... :)

Raya Aidilfitri at Atuk's house..Bukan Main lagih Rayyan smile

Tuh dia aiih...pandai posing btul flower girl nih...

Rayyan with his fuel charge

Sophie manja with Daddy

Hello....where is my steak ?, why can't I eat like mummy n daddy?

Enjoying his special bread, with a face 100% like mummy.

Apple and Orange of my eyes, before daddy took off to Arab

Conclusion : Time really flies... Cherish all your family moments together in moments of happiness and pain. Looking forward for years and years of never ending happiness insyallah!!

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