Sunday, August 22, 2010

Another Fast Week

We are entering the 2nd week of ramadan, which means 2 weeks to go before balik kampung to see my wife n kids n families..!!

This week will be another super fast week, due to ramadan short working hours, 6 hours a day work and hectic schedule at the office.

Things that are on my mind now are:
-Settle thing bank account stuff... I was trying to open a bank account with a Bank, it was so bloody troublesome trying to open a simple savings account with them. I went 3 times to the bank for 3 hours session each and my bank account is not ready yet. I haven't got any ATM card, no online banking, nothing!! Piece of crap service. Sometimes I wonder how efficient Maybank in Malaysia is...

-Correct my son's birth cert translation in Arabic
- Submit for Family visa application this week
- Finalize what car to buy

Glad that I can talk to my wife after 3 days... Felt like we were sooo far away and miss her so much. It's amazing when we are trying to plan what to do this Raya vacation of just one week... Need to have a proper schedule to maximize my time at Malaysia...That is covering Raya at Klang, raya at Penang, visiting relatives, going back to my home sweet home in seremban, open houses, and not to forget, family vacation ... All in one week ..!! I think I just want to sleep for 3 hours a day ... hahaha.. We'll see about that... :P

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