Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A True Mother's Touch

Today, I am very very surprised to see that my wife can actually sew !! Nice work sweetie...

This is a really nice cute pants for my boy Rayyan...

This is the telekung made for our eldest princess , elana ... Can't wait to see lana put on this telekung to pray...

I gues my mother in law was right.. My wife really has what it takes to sew. She is the only one in her family that inherits the sewing skills from her grandma. The rest are not into sewing...huhuuh
The best part of this is that, I don't have to search for a nice pair of Dockers pants anymore. It can be made with love from my own wife... What can be better than wearing a pants specially made by someone you love?
So, what's next in the production line.... school bag for lana ? baju kebarung with laces ? tudung arianni? huhuuhh..

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