Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Awareness Campaign

1) I was doing a reliability improvement awareness campaign this week. We went to PP and MTBE control rooms to give briefings on RBI, RCM , RIS and RCA stuffs to all the guys as part of the campaign. I was really amazed and surprised to see many many operators, including shift superintendent working their fingers with tasbih ! Masya Allah... This is the kind of example that we want to show to all . No wonder SABIC tak pernah rugi since 2001. Asyik untung ajer...berkat kot agaknya...

2) Noticed that Arabs are very friendly guys. Kalo dia jumpa member rapat, mesti cium2 pipi masing2...siap bunyi tuh... Kalo dah rapat sangat, siap cium hidung member dia tuh....walla weyy... Itu dah tahap rapat giler aa tuh...

3) Bad drivers are everywhere. U simply have to practise defensive driving here. Here, it is a mixture of drivers from India, Arab, Phillipines, Myanmar, Pakistan and not to forget Malaysians!

4) Whenever there is an accident, onlookers will be making traffic jam worst...same like in malaysia...

5) If u are caught in an accident, u are advised not to move your car until the police arrives.

6) One average-size arab guys can amazingly finish up a big tray of rice + lamb/chicken..

Tomorrow is a weekend... Yeay!! relax and enjoy... Next week is a training week...rileks lagih..!

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