Monday, July 19, 2010

Training Week

Wow... The last 3 days have been a good one... I was away from office for a free food and nice software training for RBI. If only my previous company had invest in something like this, things could have been really straightened up... RCM and RBI methodologies can be centralized and can be easily linked to SAP system.

I have also started browsing/surveying for our family car candidates over here in KSA. The list will be announced soon insyallah. My housemates are eager to go and see a Car Auction in Dammam. People said that u can really get a good bargain over there for 2nd hand cars... Imagine, car like 2004 Audi TT can be purchased at only 25000 riyals. Crazy huh?

Wonder what my lovely wife n kids are doing this week... Hope that there are doing fine.... 51 days left! Hopefully my Iqama is ready for ziarah trip Insyallah.

Tomorrow is a special day for me... Wanna go out for a nice steak dinner tapi tak der wife and kids kat sinih... So, postpone jer la niat ...Insyallah, some other time.

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