Wednesday, July 21, 2010

IQAMA on the Way!!

Alhamdulillah, tonite all 4 of us went out to celebrate one of our Housemate's milestone in KSA. He finally got his iqama a.k.a national ID for Saudi Arabia. This ID will allow him to live like a normal Saudi citizen guy, except that he cannot buy real estate properties and of course, he can't vote. ( Tapi saudi nih mana ada election maaaa... :) ) What am I talking about here? Of course, he can now go back to Malaysia this upcoming Aidilfitri.

That small green book ( ala2 macam buku hutang 555 malaysia) is very previous to us. Kabsa Lahm+ Dajjaj are on Din tonight...

Taufik is aiming for the chicken, and I book the lahm (soft , tender n juicy lamb chunks) ...Workout diet plan is off today yeah..!
These 3 musketeers are getting ready for work. That is our uniform up there. No coveralls provided except during shutdown and TAs when requested!! From left: Myself, Taufik and Din.
This is some of the example of what u can get at the wet market....Tuh diaa aihh....Kepala kambin' for mutton masala.... Pak arab makan dgn mata2 n otak2 dia skali beb...! Looksmore like fear factor to me..
Fresh Kerapu ... Great candidate for sweet n sour Kerapu...
Hopefully we can get our Iqama next week before the end of next week. May Allah make it easy for us, Insyallah!

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