Friday, July 16, 2010

Genap Satu Bulan At KSA

Today, it is exactly one month from the moment I step my foot on the land of Saudi Arabia. It feels like a year .

So many things happened this month, a change...a life change . I simply believe that we should be ourselves no matter where we go but with improvements as days go by.

No doubt, my family and work life had been impacted quite seriously, as I am away from my wife n kids, new boss, new job, new housemates, new friends, new intereaction, new languange, new routine, new food, new environment , new super hot weather!, etc2...

I guess if I could make one change, I would change the law to allow all expats to bring their wife and kids since day 1. At least a month ok...? not 3 months ..! I just hope that Allah will give my lovely wife the necessary strength and will to move on wihout me being there all the time. Used to do soooo many things together when we were office mates. I missed those moments.. Hopefully time flies real quick until my family are here! But wait a second, that's about 4 months from now.... Ouch!! Wake up Firdaus!

I have also realised that my culture shock is normalizing now. Getting acclimatized to the weather now as well.

Arabic food = nice but I prefere malaysian foods better.

When I get back home this Raya Insyallah ,I wish that the time will move super slow. With a lot of things to be done at raya aidilfitri, time will definitely be flying fast....9 days will surely not enough. Perhaps I need to sleep just 2-3 hours a day... Maximize my time with my super wife and super kids....I would rather just watch them sleep rather than sleeping and missing those precious time


  1. mfo balik msia time raye?sy ade peluang tak nak dapat duit raye dari mfo si kaya raya?

  2. Nice blog Mtq, you write just like you talk. Hahaha. Hang kat tempat yang baik di bulan baik nih, doa aje la yang terbaik. Selamat bro.


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