Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Work Picking Up...

Wow... it has been a week since the last time I updated my blog... Work started to pick up i guess..

Enjoyed meeting new friends and of course, new malaysian buddies yang seperjuangan over here in KSA. Obeserved that many Malaysian brothers from Petronas, BASF, Titan, etc2 left their families utk mencari rezeki halal.....Sometimes, I really don't get it how can these guys be so resilient and extra sturdy emotionally, being away from their wife n kids... I really really cannot take it... This one whole month was like crazy for me man.. Feels like a year.. Miss my wife , lana and my miracle twins...

Imagine u just met these a few malaysian braders next door and we managed to ice break real fast...and managed to blend together real fast... Kitaorang terus kamcing and siap tgk world cup matches sekali, borak2 and kutuk2 team lain.....Amazing huh? ...Kalo semua melayu bersatu macam nih kan bagus kat malaysia...takyah pecah2...kejap pas, kejap umno, kejap keadilan...apekemendee aaa brader..Bila melayu nak maju weh...? We need to unite. Kalo still gado2 lagih kat mesia, bawak diaorang dtg sinih kat arab...insyallah bersatu... hahahah

Fresh and pure mango juice is cheap and abundant here... I will have a small glass everyday... rich in vit C .

Bought a new ab trimmer and a set of dumbells last week in Dammam... time to change my figure back to where I was ... The Ab Trimmer is really effective and kicks ass.... Set a target to try to have a six pack before I go back to Malaysia this Raya...Insyallah... Diet is on plan... I have not touched any arabic food for almost 2 weeks now... impressive...haha...

Weekend nih maybe nak pi usha car dealers in Dammam... getting ready to buy a car when my wife n kids are here this november insyallah..

Hope that my wife is coping very well with the babies, considering the fact that this Esso TA's month.. Be strong sweetie!

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