Monday, July 11, 2011

Swim Like A Shark!

Having the opportunity to be in Malaysia during this summer holiday, I have planned ahead some must-do-activities that hope will occupy our stay here. One of it is to get Lana started with her swimming class. She's already five years old now and i guess it will be just right to send her off now. Yes I know that you can actually start to introduce swimming basic to kids a lot more younger as in when they are still babies - but I dont know why, somehow i miss this part :)

I started my research on swimming class availables nearby my hometown when i still in Saudi. There are couple availables however the one look promising from the website perspective is the one i'm enrolling her now. I have enrolled her to supersharkz class in pandamaran MPK swimming complex (this place has a very disgusting changing room which i dont think they even bother to maintain. Im wondering whether this MPK agency really doing they work or not) Luckily Lana is still small and we never need to get into the changing room after her class is over.

So far Lana is progressing well with the class. She now enjoys get herself under water and make bubbles a.k.a breath-out and float herself slowly. However she's still not confident enough to do the jump-into-water routine yet as I can see she looks like crying when she need to do that. And another thing she's a bit reluctant everytime she needs to start lesson with the trainer. Some sort of stranger-phobia crisis is still there. But if she arrives the pool early and the trainer is not around, she would be the happiest kid on the block!

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