Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Marhaba Dubai!

Happy 6th Anniversary in Dubai !

Finally, I have some free time to write and document one really amazing episode of our life here in the middle east. In May 2011, we have decided to give our 6th anniversary a bit more spice and have something different.

Being a such a wonderful Wifey and a mother to my kids, I just felt that she really deserves something special this time. This is not like a really husband n wife getaway for another honeymoon. Infact, we brought the kids along to also have a vacation. It was actually anniversary + family vacation in one nice package.
So, we set off to Dubai for 4 days 3 nights, although I know it will be not enough to cover the whole Dubai places of interest. We initially thought to also cover Abu Dhabi, but later on decided to just enjoy and focus our attention to Dubai solely. Approximately 2 weeks before the trip, we were so anxious and super excited, especially Wifey and my princess Elana.

The time finally came and off we go from Jubail, Saudi Arabia with our 3.5L Honda Odyssey, loaded with stuffs at 4am !!

I can sense that these camels were also heading towards Dubai Mall :)

Alhamdulillah, all went well and we crossed the border to UAE after about 5 hours from Jubail. Immediately after crossing the border, my wife got behind the wheels and test drive this car for the first time since November last year. Heheheheh.... She looked cool even though this is a left hand drive system. Bravo !

Now we have somebody to drive us around! Pasnih buleh aaa drive kat US eh?

Erfan singing and cheering up our journey with his endless talkative voice :)

This is Syeikh Zayed Road...love this road , 7 lanes on each side with fantastic view left and right

Sophie yang excited, waiting for daddy to check in Number One Suites Hotel, which was very close to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. Luckily we got the end lot room with magnificent view.

Some of the buildings along Syeikh Zayed Road

Dah puas berendam dalam bathtub, now it's show time !

There it is... Burj Khalifa is sooo tall to the extent that I could not fit it in my camera vertically. This reminds us about akhirul zaman... Dunia mmg dah nak kiamat dah, seperti pesan Rasulullah SAW.

Charge balik energy with fresh juice after round2 Dubai with MRT . Lana and the twins really enjoyed the MRT ride!

Too bad we were very tired and went on to the Dubai Mall , which is the largest mall on planet earth, comprising Aquarium, External Dubai Fountain with the tallest vertical dancing jet spray with music, thousands of shops and eateries, and many many more. It was really an impressive one to me. No wonder people call Dubai the shopping heaven. If you have 50000 to spend, I am sure that would still not be enough and can easily be finished sucessfully here. Mommy finally found her main interest, Louis Vuitton, Channel and belambak2 lagih gallery . We just tour the mall just for a while because everybody were exhausted due to the long journey. We decided to come back later on for the Dubai Fountain the next day.

Checked in Atlantis Palm Dubai, an integrated resort with aquarium and amazing water parks and really nice beaches. Too bad we only stayed here for a night ! This resort is located at Palm Jumeirah man made island with the shape of palm tree. 

Lana yang dah tak sabar nak main air... Mula mula macam takut , but later on she was excited. Bear in mind that the temperature was 44C at that time. :)
The kids amazed with the Altantis Aquarium fisheries. Erfan was initially scared with the giant fishes and sting rays . Finally he managed to cope with it.. Good boy !

Pancittttttt ...... after a really good splashing time at the water park. Too bad daddy had only figured out the real Ziggurat, the Fountain of Leap Faith thrill rides on the next day... Nih yang kena pergi sana balik one more time nih... :)

The Red Jelly Fish... The twins were really amazed looking at how these creatures move around in the water.

Happy Family checking out from Atlantis Palm , heading to Media Rotana Hotel in Dubai next

Daddy and the kids were waiting for the queue to climb up the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa. Sophie and Lana were very excited. It has been Lana's favourite to talk about high towers like KLCC, KL tower and other tall structure since she was a little one... That's the reason behind the excitement, I guess.

Wifey and the twins at the top of the world

We then spent the next day touring Dubai Outlet Mall, which is located slightly outside the town. Nevertheless, the deal was soooo great. Wifey grabbed so many things for her new warddrobe and we all got a pair of shoes each.

Well, the time has come for us to go back to Saudi.....Well, I must say that our heart are still there in Dubai, eventhough we had to continue our day to day life in Jubail. I even thought of living in Dubai or Abu Dhabi next, but that would be extremely expensive and too much inclined towards Duniawi :)

In summary, Alhamdulillah this trip was a really wonderful anniversary + vacation for us and before we even reach Saudi, we already had some plan for our next visit later this year , InsyaAllah :) Of course, this time I am sure Wifey will grab that Loius Vuitton that she had been aiming for ! 

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  1. akak best nye dubai.. awesome sgt.. will go one day.. mesti expensive gilaa kaannn.. nk honeymoon kat sana (berangan).. haha.. akak tinggal dekat saudi ke?buat apa kat sana??


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