Friday, July 1, 2011

It's Our Twins 2nd Birthday

Happy 2nd Birthday Twins!!

Mummy and the Twins at Playground in Fanateer, Saudi

Today, 2nd July 2011 marks the 2nd birthday of our adorable miracle twins , Erfan Rayyan and Eryna Sophia.  Both are magnificent gifts from Allah to Mummy and Daddy and Lana.   I have never ever thought of having a set of twins as my children but there it is, time really flies and there are already 2 years old... Alhamdulillah..

This past one year  has really seen a dramatic changes in our life episode, including the twins.  Despite being twins, they are really two different kids with different characteristics..

My boy, Erfan Rayyan, which is my  first boy in our family (tak tau lah kalo dapat lagih sorang boy ker  tidak.... hahahha...  ) is really really manja with his mummy and daddy.  He has a beautiful set of cute and romantic  eyes that is really sweet , according to Kak Ita, a friend of mummy here..  I must admit that my relationship with Erfan has strengthens million times since we moved here to Saudi. Alhamdulillah...,kalo kat mesia dulu, dia asyik nak berkeit dgn bibik saja dia...langsung tak nak ngan daddy... I guess because daddy pon very very busy and tak serious sgt nak jaga dia sebab ader bibik kat rumah.... Well, itulah hikmahnya yang daddy realised... It is totally different when mummy stays at home compared when mummy works.... Syukur, Erfan or Boboy or  Pumpkin is a healthy and joyful kid with a big loud voice yang tak reti  dok diam.  He is the "sound system" of our family.... Bila daddy bawak kereta naik bump or pusing kat selekoh tajam, he will produce the sound effect  "woooooaaaahhh", following the turning....  Lagu nasyid Maher Zain + Raihan pon dah humming2  everytime we go out in the car. Skarang dah pandai sambung hafal surah Al kauthar and baca doa tido and selawat ke atas Rasulullah...Oh ya, he loves French Fries  and Trucks and Cars!

My little princess, Eryna Sophia is another joy to our life. She likes to draw and conteng2 like her elder sister Elana. Habis sofa and carpet di belasahnyer... hehe... She has a very powerful energetic voice when she cries (tapi pitch lower than Erfan's) .  Sangat2 lah suka mandi and main air and main bubble... Tak kisah kalo baju dia basah ker ape ker... , which is totally different behaviour from daddy... heheh.. 
She has a very cute round belly like her daddy and likes to eat intitially.... Tapi skarang dah kurang makan dah.... Sophie or "bam-bam" or honeybun  is a playful girl but with a very very serious face. A lot of people say that she follows daddy's characteristics...But once she smiles, cairrr daddy and mummy.. Unlike Erfan,  Sophie tak tahan kalo dia pooo - pooo. She wants her diapers to be cleaned immediately, pembersih like her daddy kot.. Sophie likes to play with  toys while talking  to herself... just like Elana. I guess her imagination capability is very high like Elana's. She likes SHOES..! like her mummy of course... :) ..Tapi Sophie suka mengelamunnn ....Ape yang Sophie pikir ntah... :)

Well, what can I say... I am here in Saudi this year and cannot be there with my wife and kids to celebrate their 2nd birthday. Of course, thanks to my wife + Atuk + Nenek for organizing a small family celebration for the birthday one week before daddy took off to Saudi. Really appreciate it even though the birthday cake  from "Lavender Bakery" did not meet the expectation.  Insyallah, next year let's have  ice cream cake pulak .
Elana and her Twins reading books, wearing Crowns that Mummy Made Exclusively

Time really flies and there are sooooo many things happened. The twins presence really adds sooo much joy to everyone of us in the family, especially to Elana Jasmine... She has adik two adiks to play at the same time ..! Isn't that wonderful ?  One of the key things is having Erfan to scream "Daddy" everytime daddy gets back to work.  Daddy enjoys showering the twins everyday during the evening session and not to forget  Playing horseride with daddy... Went to the playground with mummy and daddy,  Atuk + Nenek's visit to Saudi.... Cooking together with Mummy.... Went to Umrah + Ziarah together with my wife and kids ...Went to Dubai for our nice sweet and sweaty summer vacation ,  Going out to Shopping at Dhahran Mall/ Khobar almost every month and many2 more. 
The Twins Thinking About the Future , at the World's Tallest Building, Burj Khalifa Dubai.

My dearest Twins, Insyaallah, when you grow up later on and when u can read this post, (I don't know whether this website will still exist or not) , Daddy wants both of you to know that Daddy & Mummy loves you guys sooo much! Both of you are the miracles  and pure blessings from Allah to the life of  Daddy & Mummy.  Both of you must be good to Mummy and must grow to become good Khalifah Allah in this world, Insyallah. Both of you must really thank and love your Mummy for being the best mother in the world, who endured every single pain and hardships to nurture you both to be the best Khalifah dalam dunia nih yang sementara . Jasa and segala pergorbanan Mummy takkan dapat terbalas. Hormatilah ibu dan ayah kamu sentiasa.  Daddy pray that always hope that both of you will know the meaning and purpose of life and become excellent Khalifah, like what Rasulullah taught us. Daddy doakan moga kamu berdua berjaya di dunia dan di akhirat , InsyaAllah.

Happy 2nd Birthday Boboy + Bambam !! 

From Daddy with Loads of Love.

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