Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am surprised!

Yesterday as usual, Lana and I went to her Flykidz class in Kota Damansara. During the class, i would prefer to stay through out just to watch her. I Love watching her trying to listen to the instruction, watching her trying her new routine, watching her smile whenever she manages to complete new routine. I am so grateful to Allah for giving me the opportunity to watch my kids grow, Alhamdulillah.

Lana normally is quite shy and quite whenever she is around crowd or outsiders. She rarely said "Hi" or "Hello" to friends or teachers. I have been always reminding her to greet people politely, but she will usually refuse to do so :(

However, yesterday was a bit different. I mean totally different. First, she went into the class and said "Hi" to the teachers and even said "Thank You teacher" after her class completed. I was more than happy to see this.

What more surprised me is that I saw she raised her hand eagerly quite a number of times during the class. And she's the only one raising her hands all the time. Initially I was a bit confused why she was doing that as i never saw her that way all this while. After the class ended, i asked her what happened during the class and why she raised her hand a number of times. Then she told me, "Teacher asked who want to start first...." oh ok.... :)

I am more than happy to see this changes. I was a bit worry with her shy and reserved attitude initially. I have been telling her that being shy is not good for her. Well i guess, kids will grow their self-confidence through time. Just a matter of early or a bit later. What more important that to give them the RIGHT opportunity and confidence to themselves. They will surely will impress you :)

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