Sunday, July 31, 2011

Saya geram bila.....

Last night i was trying to persuade lana to take her dinner. Initially i asked her to take dinner own her own, she refused. Then i tried to suap her as i need to feed her before getting her to take her coughing medication. I persuaded her again, she refused and continue playing with her toys. Then, my temper started to grow i know, i told her that i will count to 10 and if she continue not eating i will have her stand in a corner until she take her dinner.

The counting continues until 10 and she still refused to eat. As promised i get her to thr corner. To my surprised she suddenly screamed and cried out of her lung. What a drama. I tried to be firm saying to her if she continue that she will be there more than 5 minutes. And yes she continue.

What made me angrier was that her bibik went to pujuk her when i was trying to put her in the corner. Lagi la naik lemak. I asked bibik to let her alone and dont try to pujuk her. But this bibik is somehow tak paham bahasa la plak. Dipujuknya lagi. Geramnye la.....

Yes i know she loves lana so much. But i really cannot stand it when outsider masuk campur when this thing happen. Sort of giving lana lesson that takpe, kalo mama marah, bibik ada... Geram geram... ada hikmah jugak kot saya bermaidless sekarang. Tak sabar plak nak balik jubail balik where i have more freedom and control to look after my own kids.


  1. Shik.. Boleh imagine camne rupa ko bila marah.. Hehe..

    Bibik yg mana? Bibik ko yg lama duly ke? Dats why lah aku malas nak bermaid.. Huhu.. But Ilham pun aku denda duduk dlm cot.. Sampai one day tu anak jiran dtg rumah main, pastu bdk tu nangis coz dia naughty.. Then Ilham bole ckp - Siddiq, don't cry.. Cot..' haha.. I gues it worked!

  2. Hahahha mesti buruk kan muka aku time marah :P Bibik yang jaga lana dulu la. Dia kan mmg manjakn lana dari dulu lagi. Sekarang dia keja kat rumah mak aku. Aku bukannye pukul lana pon, aku suruh dia duduk kat one corner je. Geram betul


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